Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Sep 12 21:26:24 EDT 2011

> Arduino has been such a huge success and I think it would serve the
> community well to have a similar setup but with a "real" computer
> and coding done in JavaScript (because there are such extreme
> amounts of samples and tutorials thanks to it's popularity).
> Would you say MilkyMist could be used for that purpose?

A lot of people here are inspired by the energy and culture of the
Arduino community, how they created entry points for people to
rediscover the innards of hardware, how it can be built, customized,
programmed, etc.

The only current instance of Milkymist-specific hardware you can buy
today is the Milkymist One video synthesizer, which sells for 499 USD.
A lot of time is spent to make the hardware and software of Milkymist
One a good starting point for other Milkymist-based products.
We (including you), could definitely branch out the Milkymist One
hardware and make a product or just a board built for a specific purpose,
such as the Javascript-programmable 'real' computer you have in mind.

Hope this helps as some initial feedback, keep researching and please let
us know what you find. If you are searching for specific things or have
specific questions, please just list them all and send here. It's easiest
to respond to specific questions.

Thanks a lot for stopping by, Cheers,

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