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Tue Sep 13 02:23:02 EDT 2011

 So I rolled out a new batch of keys tonight, here's what they look like

 I managed to get the keys flatter, thinner, and with better surface 
 area this time. As far as physical characteristics go, They are 
 polymer/clay, and at this thickness even after baking the pieces remain 
 flexible. There are not like the hard plastic keys that the stock 
 keyboard has. I'm not sure if that's good or bad at this point, but it 
 is how it is. with enough bending back and forth and playing with them, 
 they will break in two. I think that is shear force so they have bad 
 resistance to that. But how violent can you get with a tiny key smaller 
 than a uSD card? It should last at least a good 10,000 key presses if 
 not more. Anyways, that's all for now, let me know how I'm doing on the 
 whole stepwise refinement.I know the edges need to be cleaner before I 
 have something good.

 Ah yes, before I go, since Ben is "completely" free, do I have some 
 kind of access to the mold data for the casing? Also, does anyone know 
 details on how the case is made? Is it ALL machine, or some by hand? I 
 am thinking of getting one of those "make a mold kits" to try and see if 
 I could make my own Ben case, but would like to know more about how the 
 current one is made. I know it is not your standard hacker's request for 
 a datasheet, but I think it does qualify as part of a copyleft plan, 

 On Sun, 11 Sep 2011 21:00:43 +0400,  wrote:
> I actually did think about that, I saw a kit at the craft store to
> make a silicone mold to "reproduce any item". However, I am starting
> small with the keyboard. If I can get one that is a feasible
> replacement, maybe I could disassemble the guts from the case and
> attempt making a mold for the shell. There is clear liquid clay that 
> I
> could pour in to have a transparent casing.
> On Sun, 11 Sep 2011 21:35:45 +0800, Jon Phillips wrote:
>> what about a clay case?
>> On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 8:50 PM, Freemor <freemor at> 
>> wrote:
>>> On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 05:56:41AM +0400, cenobyte at 
>>> wrote:
>>>> You may be interested, or this may oddly anger you. It seems a
>>>> little unimportant and frivolous even to me right now, but let me
>>>> know that you think...
>>> I think it is great. Can't say I fully understand your motives (I 
>>> missed an
>>> ealier part of all this that led to you doing your previous 
>>> keyboard projsec),
>>> But I think it is fantastic that you are doing all this and sharing 
>>> the process
>>> hacking is hacking. Be it making new software or making a clay 
>>> keybaord.
>>> Who knows 20 years from now someone might find a brokendown 
>>> NanoNote and use
>>> your work to repair it.
>>> Regards,
>>> Freemor
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