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Tue Sep 13 03:18:30 EDT 2011

 I guess I'll just work on a replacement keyboard for now, no need to 
 complicate things that much.

 On Tue, 13 Sep 2011 07:01:21 +0000, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
>> Ah yes, before I go, since Ben is "completely" free, do I have some
>> kind of access to the mold data for the casing? Also, does anyone
>> know details on how the case is made? Is it ALL machine, or some by
>> hand? I am thinking of getting one of those "make a mold kits" to
>> try and see if I could make my own Ben case, but would like to know
>> more about how the current one is made. I know it is not your
>> standard hacker's request for a datasheet, but I think it does
>> qualify as part of a copyleft plan, right?
> Absolutely, in fact mechanical design and the mechanical production
> and assembly process are important parts of good copyleft hardware.
> However, unfortunately, it's also the weakest part of the Ben 
> NanoNote,
> our first product :-) Milkymist One is far ahead.
> To get things started back in 2009, we bought into an existing 
> plastic
> injection moulding design and process for the Ben NanoNote. Werner 
> has
> since done some amazing work to scan the cases and develop an open
> process for them, resulting for example in the production of a
> functioning counterweight.
> counterweight video:
> counterweight picture:
> However, the Ya NanoNote will most likely need a complete makeover of
> the mechanical design and process, that's something that is still 
> slowly
> evolving as we move forward.
> Wolfgang
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