De-gadget-ification, the next step for the Nanonote

cenobyte at cenobyte at
Tue Sep 13 04:54:39 EDT 2011

 I think the more we can break the dependence of the Nanonote, the less 
 it has to plug in to a "real" computer for things, the better. Then it 
 would cease or at least start to be more than a "gadget". I actually 
 like the term gadget, but it has the connotation of being sort of 
 experimental and not good or stable for everyday work. This connotation 
 is obviously one I want the Nanonote to be free of. There are a few 
 things in my opinion that would contribute to the break into 

 VGA screen or higher. It was the standard not so long ago, so it should 
 be workable.
 pointing solution. There is no replacement for a good ol' cursor.
 Solo internet connectivity. Whether it be wired or whatever, being able 
 to get the Net without firing up another computer would be sweet.
 Self-maintaining. Perhaps the new Nano could update and even flash 

 The above would make the Nanonote more of a mini-laptop

 Another minor thing that I have felt is that the menu system we have 
 now with Gmenu2x looks toy-like and illegitimate. It also does not allow 
 for full appreciation of any wallpaper we have. I prefer the "little 
 showing as possible until you activate a task menu" look.

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