anyone tried coreboot?

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Tue Sep 13 05:45:17 EDT 2011

On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 12:15:28PM +0400, cenobyte at wrote:

> I have known about coreboot for a while, for those that don't know,
> it's a Libre BIOS project for desktop, laptop, and embedded
> solutions. They claim a 3 second boot time from power-on to the
> linux console which is incredible! Is is possible to get something
> like that to run on the Ben or even MilkyMist? Could we use coreboot
> and still have OpenWRT as the OS?

AFAIK, the Ben NanoNote doesn’t have a BIOS proper, so coreboot wouldn’t
make much sense.

Moreover, I don’t see how replacing the BIOS can improve the OS boot time:
it will shave a few seconds off POST, but if X takes 5 seconds to load it
will always take 5 seconds to load, regardless of the BIOS.

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