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Wed Sep 14 06:37:16 EDT 2011

Thank you for the input!

So for hardware basically a combination of:

MilkyMist - Setup
Arduino - Community
Raspberry Pi - Price

And for software:

Google V8 / Node.js directly on top of *HDL and the rest of the OS  
written completely in JavaScript. Could be called "Linux.js" to  
utilise a strong brand.

Then it would be as reengineerable and cheap as possible. And most  
important for community attention; be written in the most popular  
langugage possible.



On 13 sep 2011, at 04.26, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:

>> Arduino has been such a huge success and I think it would serve the
>> community well to have a similar setup but with a "real" computer
>> and coding done in JavaScript (because there are such extreme
>> amounts of samples and tutorials thanks to it's popularity).
>> Would you say MilkyMist could be used for that purpose?
> A lot of people here are inspired by the energy and culture of the
> Arduino community, how they created entry points for people to
> rediscover the innards of hardware, how it can be built, customized,
> programmed, etc.
> The only current instance of Milkymist-specific hardware you can buy
> today is the Milkymist One video synthesizer, which sells for 499 USD.
> A lot of time is spent to make the hardware and software of Milkymist
> One a good starting point for other Milkymist-based products.
> We (including you), could definitely branch out the Milkymist One
> hardware and make a product or just a board built for a specific  
> purpose,
> such as the Javascript-programmable 'real' computer you have in mind.
> Hope this helps as some initial feedback, keep researching and  
> please let
> us know what you find. If you are searching for specific things or  
> have
> specific questions, please just list them all and send here. It's  
> easiest
> to respond to specific questions.
> Thanks a lot for stopping by, Cheers,
> Wolfgang
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