Rasmus Wikman rasmus.wikman at
Wed Sep 14 09:00:37 EDT 2011

On 14 sep 2011, at 14.52, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:

>> MilkyMist - Setup
>> Arduino - Community
>> Raspberry Pi - Price
> Hah, that's wild! Yes, sure! As you move forward, you will
> discover lots of details that need to be considered, if you
> want to make this a reality.

Any particular details you are thinking of?

My goal at the moment is a feasibility study. With technological  
development extremely rapid I want to make sure that there are no  
initiatives already in the work. The open community is expert at doing  
stuff simultaneously, unaware of each other. Which is good for  
intellectual development, but bad if they don't come into the general  
spotlight and become a part of the community knowledge base.


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