Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Sep 14 10:12:20 EDT 2011

> The open community is expert at doing stuff simultaneously,
> unaware of each other. Which is good for intellectual development,
> but bad if they don't come into the general spotlight and become
> a part of the community knowledge base.

He. This is the day of great wisdoms on our list, and I couldn't
agree more with you.
Slightly related I am trying to aggregate anything interesting and
truly about 'open' hardware on the planet feed. In order to avoid
the duplication you are talking about.

> Any particular details you are thinking of?

Well. Your list is pretty far fetched still. What do you actually
want to do? What's your part, what do you expect others to do?
What you say there is something like we want to have Apple's cash
reserves, RedHat's openess, and Intel's high-tech, somehow all
combined into one. Wouldn't that be cool? Well, yes, it would. So?

You could take a Milkymist One board, and strip it down to the bare
essentials needed for your device. But what exactly are the criteria
for your device? Hardware is not as configurable as software...
Case or just plain board? No hardware at all? Which price do you
try to achieve? Small volume or large volume? Who manufactures, who
sells? Who spreads the word? And so on...


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