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>>>>> "Rubén" == Rubén Berenguel <ruben at> writes:

> Currently I'm working on some natural language stuff in python (for
> fun and profit), and I was amazed as I could install nltk without many
> problems: install python-doc and download the tarball of nltk.
> Installing was painless too... But numpy is a probable dependence. I
> need numpy! But it won't install natively without a little too much
> trouble for my second installment of OpenWRT (I need a local toolchain
> with gcc, probably also a gnu fortran compiler). Is there any reason
> for numpy not available as a standard package? 

BTW when I last tried to make the plplot python bindings work, I think
those also failed due to missing numpy.  Might try to reenable
plplot-python once somebody makes this work.


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