USB to Ethernet (Cat5+RJ45) cable to connect the Nanonote to an Ethernet port on a PC

Ernest Kugel erik.kugel at
Mon Sep 19 20:26:30 EDT 2011

Nice folk on IRC pointed out that this is a nice fantasy bit will not be 
possible without a USB host. Can't wait for a Nanonote with USB host!

Ernest Kugel

On 09/19/2011 07:59 PM, Ernest Kugel wrote:
> Hi guys, If wanted to make a USB to Ethernet (Cat5+RJ45) cable myself, 
> to connect the Nanonote to an Ethernet port on a PC. My question is, 
> which pins on the Ethernet Jack should I connect to the pins on the 
> USB tip? Or, which cat5 wires should I connect to the 4 cables in a 
> usb wire? I found some instructions online but there was no 
> explanation on the choice of pin routes. They were also meant for a 
> web-cam, and not for networking. Should I just Connect D+ to D+ and D- 
> to D- and leave power and grounding on the USB un-wired, or does this 
> make no sense? Please note I have zero background in circuits or 
> electric engineering, and would prefer not to fry myself or the 
> equipment...
> Thanks in advance!

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