Ben/Ya Nanonote

lee jones slothpuck at
Fri Sep 23 17:25:47 EDT 2011

Hello all :) !

Was just wondering ... after poking around on the 'net what is the current
status of the new nanonote, the ya nanonote? Is it cancelled or is it still
going ahead at all?

Also has the spec been decided on at all (e.g. usb host, more ram, higher
res screen etc?).

The current ben nanonote ( I do have one ) can very nearly replace my two
most used current devices, a sansa fuze v2 and a nokia n900 phone. I don't
really use my
nanonote very much though as normally either I'm at my desktop PC or I have
those two devices with me. The ben nanonote can *almost* replace 'em, just
wish it had
usb host on!

Also did anyone ever manage to get rockbox to run on the nanonote?

Thanks :)

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