Ben/Ya Nanonote

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Sep 23 20:39:07 EDT 2011

thanks a lot for asking! It's great to see that we have so many Ben
NanoNote users that trust us enough to give the Ya a chance too :-)

>From my hands though, don't expect a Ya NanoNote for at least another

> Is it cancelled or is it still going ahead at all?

How can an open project be canceled? We haven't opened up all parts
of the Ben to a satisfying degree yet, which is a high priority for me.
Absolutely going ahead.

> Also has the spec been decided on at all (e.g. usb host, more ram, higher
> res screen etc?).

No. In general - the more performance the better, and the features you
mention make perfect sense. See
On the other hand, the actual features come out after determinining
design complexity, manufacturability, price, continuity from NanoNote
or Milkymist, etc. So - too early to tell now, I cannot make any

> Also did anyone ever manage to get rockbox to run on the nanonote?

That'd be nice, it would probably be a lot of detail work to get
it to work well though. Reminds me how much better software on the
Ben can still get :-)

BTW - Thanks a lot for buying a Ben! I understand it cannot replace
your sansa fuze and n900 yet, but the *yet* is the thrilling part
and for sure we want to make devices that can satisfy all our
computing needs. It's pretty clear that we better not rely on
Nokia, for example :-) (though I hope for things to improve there)


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