Report from Free Software Day Szeged - Hungary

Zoltan Hoppar hopparz at
Sat Sep 24 05:30:58 EDT 2011

HI guys,

I made the talks, and made the open hardware table too with an Arduino
developer - and I was really happy to see how people are discovering
the Ben Nanonote. Surprisingly, I told new things to my Ardu hacker
friend that our tiny Nanonote is also capable to hack with Ardu
Never believed, but on the desk the biggest success was the Nanonote,
because everybody imagene it's end user/developer purpose different
way, and they loooove it's compact size, and versatility. After I made
presentation about the Milkymist and the Nanonote, bunch of people has
rushed me and they want to get more information about the Nano and
know when will be available the Ya Nanonote.
The Milkymist has generated a bit less louder interest for first, but
the end of the day half of the flyers also are gone and told many
times the purpose and it's great design.

I have received, and noted more interesting ideas, questions about the
Nanonote - and I would like share them:

- > Girls, and developer girls are missed more girl touch, mostly red
version of the Ben (Girls called the Ben -> "cute pocket computer",
"make-up box with shiny display where I could even silently hack"
- > It has been asked many times: people looking for some wireless
ability, maybe wifi, but integrated WPAN at least needed inside
- > Keyboard idea: gently touchable dots for blind people as it mobile
handsets have on middle "5" numpad - for Ya Nanonote also could be
- > 2nd Keyboard idea: background lighting, for occasional nightly
hacking - add few leds for illuminated back-lighting, or fluorescence
material for keyboard
- > Sales pack idea: Is it possible to have Qi-hardware / /
Tuxbrain lanyard included to the sales pack/can be purchased
- > Also many time received two question: Is it possible to
purchase/make different SDIO cables/breakout boards for
hacking/measure Arduino boards? Is it possible to have an flash image
targeting Arduino similarly to Jlime?

But there was many more what I have tried to answer.

Thank you for your great support for this event, and I'm proud to be
part of such a great community. I would like to work to push forward
the awareness, and reputation of the copyleft/open hardwares...
hopefully on next event.

I made pictures also - but needs some selection, and upload time - If
I'll be ready - I send the picture URL also.


Thank you guys without your support won't be available to make it,


Zoltan Hoppar
Fedora Ambassador

PGP:  06853DF7

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