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>>>>> "KIMURA" == KIMURA Masaru <hiyuh.root at> writes:

> Hi,

> using again on x86 (ThinkPad R40e) to update my ben,
> but no luck.  any idea?

As far as I understand, the usb-boot protocol is a little sensitive to
USB transmission errors (which would usually be corrected by
retransmits, but the ingenic CPU boot mode might not be so smart).

Are you using a good cable (the one that came with the Ben)?  Googeling
for Thinkpad 40e and usb problems, it looks like that line of Laptops
had some problems with (physically) broken USB ports, see this forum
post for example:

  "This has been a common problem on some other ThinkPads, namely T40/41
  units, and amounts to a minor motherboard failure. To the best of my
  knowledge, there is no permanent fix to it short of motherboard

  You can buy a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card and run your devices from it."

So if your USB port is already partially failing, you might hit the kind
of transmission errors that usb-boot is sensitive to.

Did you try switching ports?  It might be possible to force your USB
port to low-speed (rmmod ehci/uhci or something), maybe that could help?


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