on gentoo/~x86

KIMURA Masaru hiyuh.root at
Wed Sep 28 06:09:56 EDT 2011


thanks you for the info.
as I said in replay to dvdkhlng@, I can not try this ATM b/c my ben
won't boot now.
so I'd have to say "orz".


2011/9/27 Werner Almesberger <werner at>:
> David Kuehling wrote:
>> Did you try switching ports?  It might be possible to force your USB
>> port to low-speed (rmmod ehci/uhci or something), maybe that could help?
> I think you mean Full-Speed (as opposed to High-Speed) :)
> Selecting Low-Speed instead of Full-Speed would need a change
> on the device side. Some devices can do this (e.g., the SiLabs
> C8051F3xx), but the Ingenic 4740 family doesn't seem to be
> among them.
> Here's one way to prevent High-Speed:

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