mplayer broken?

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Wed Apr 4 03:54:17 EDT 2012

>>>>> "kyak" == kyak  <bas at> writes:

> Hi David,

> I also got the same problem with mplayer.

> At first, i can't get rid of X11 lib dependencies.

> I added --disable-xmga --disable-xshape --disable-xinerama in
> Makefile, but still mplayer binary wants

Strange, well a workaround would be to remove libX11 from your staging
dir :)  

> When i provided that lib to mplayer ( is available in
> staging_dir somewhere), it segfaults. So i can only help by confirming
> the same problem exists for me, i didn't investigate further

What does 'mplayer -vo fbdev' (i.e. no hardware acceleration) do on your

BTW just got an idea about what *could* be wrong.  Had a lot of
segfaults on openwrt recently with code that dlopen()ed libraries with
some unresolved symbols, resulting jumps to address 0.  The hw
acceleration jz47xx_vid is dlopened and could be the culprit.  Going to
do some more debugging the next days.


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