toolchain troubles

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Wed Apr 4 20:44:31 EDT 2012


debugging into the mplayer crashes I just noticed that the 2012-03-18
release has a uclibc-0.9.33, while my build system has
staging_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc-0.9.32 and

Doing a 

git branch -t release_2012-03-18 origin/relea7se_2012-03-18
git checkout release_2012-03-18


make toolchain/{clean,compile} V=99

I still see that it compiles a uclibc 0.9.32 toolchain.  Any ideas what
I'm doing wrong?  Also tried to fetch the feeds.conf from the 03-18
release but no change.

BTW my mplayer builds crashed in ld-uClibc, i.e. the dynamic linker, so
there is some chance that mplayer isn't broken at all and it's just my
toolchain's fault.


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