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David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Fri Apr 6 19:42:55 EDT 2012

>>>>> "Jiří" == Jiří Brožovský <jiri.brozovsky at> writes:

> Hello David, I finally have tried your file selector on a freshly
> reflashed Ben. It works very nicely.

> It there a way how to synchronize wallpapers between the Gmenu2x and
> the selector?

Currently it loads up
/usr/share/gmenu2x/skins/Default/wallpapers/default.png by default, can
replace it with a link to your configured wallpaper.  If gmenu2x stores
config in a ini-file format file, liballegro might have a parser to get
at that data.

But then, what I had in mind was more like a one-wallpaper-per-app
approach when configuring alfilesel-based starters (option -w selects an
alternative wallpaper file)


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