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I have to say forward that I'm quite happy about/with my nanonote. It's
always a good pleasure to use this little computer, and when it appears on
my desk, or at meetings - it catches everybody's attention. But that's not
the point. As this year has passed, and get acquainted with my Benny Nano,
I keep it inside my pocket whenever I go. Why?
I use my nano as portable audio player, an notekeeper for my ideas, notes
and also as my secured password storage. Also one of my friend is begging
to have it for time to time to hack on his arduino uno boards - and guess
what, he never takes their main big laptop to demonstrate. Yeah, that's
right - this tiny underpowered little thing grabs many developers heart.
So after all this I think is not really an so geek toy, better an real
serious product for pocket computing and developing. I think this device
has an real opportunity to hit the roof of the fames, as the Ya Nanonote
will appear sometime. According to the Ya nanonote links [1], I hope that
it's not the end of the development, and it's just temporarily has been
halted. Btw. no recent news about it, and would like to know the current
status. What's next? Why is aborted? Lack of money?
Why don't you start an Kickstarter or Pledgie page for many of the
developers for that device? Isn't a good idea to have an geek toy funded by
devs for devs?


Ben Nanonote owner

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