Some thoughts questions about my Nanonote and Ya Nanonote

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Apr 9 10:30:26 EDT 2012

> I think this device has an real opportunity to hit the roof of the fames,
> as the Ya Nanonote will appear sometime. According to the Ya nanonote
> links [1], I hope that it's not the end of the development, and it's
> just temporarily has been halted. Btw. no recent news about it, and
> would like to know the current status. What's next? Why is aborted?
> Lack of money?

We learnt and continue to learn so much, it's scary. The Ya NanoNote
will most likely be Milkymist SoC based. I will not work on another
Ingenic-based device, I don't believe in any magic between free software
culture and Ingenic anymore than I believe in that magic between free
software culture and Samsung.
The mechanical needs to be done entirely differently, that is still
an area where we learn intensively. It's almost a sidenote now that
the electrical design will be - of course - entirely in a free tool,
leaving legacy behind as Werner would say :-)
The sourcing must be assisted by a professional sourcing software
like boom, and in the supply chain and logistics I also see room for
improvement before the Ya pops out of the machine.

In the meantime, I am very happy that we:

a) continue to polish and refine the OpenWrt-based Ben NanoNote images
which will be our basis for lots of exciting hardware to come.

b) continue to sell the Ben NanoNote, sales are slow as before but
that is actually good so the stock lasts longer. If it would run out,
we would be forced to accelerate the successor, otherwise we can improve
Milkymist first, which makes more sense - see above - since Milkymist
innovates in 2 areas where the NanoNote was weak: mechanical and SoC.

Honestly, the Ben NanoNote is such an amazing pocket computer in 2012,
at least here is someone who doesn't care at this time whether it's an
underground movement or not.
Hope you enjoy Qi Hardware!
Do only what you love,

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