Some thoughts questions about my Nanonote and Ya Nanonote

Rafael Ignacio Zurita rafaelignacio.zurita at
Mon Apr 9 10:55:25 EDT 2012


On Mon, Apr 09, 2012 at 12:12:04PM +0200, Zoltan Hoppar wrote:
> will appear sometime. According to the Ya nanonote links [1], I hope that
> it's not the end of the development, and it's just temporarily has been
> halted. Btw. no recent news about it, and would like to know the current
> status. What's next? Why is aborted? Lack of money?
> Why don't you start an Kickstarter or Pledgie page for many of the
> developers for that device? Isn't a good idea to have an geek toy funded by
> devs for devs?

I think that we always wait the sharism people give some answer about
Ya nanonote or next product. 

Qi-hardware is a community (or that was the original idea). And yes, 
we talk about sharism products mostly or 100% of the time.

And yes, surely it needs hardware people and a lot of money to have another
cool device like Ya nanonote (how do I know it is cool if it does not exist? :P ).

Okey, what I want to say is that we should try to put our ideas
on some place, to try to catch hardware people to join and work on the
next nanonote, or next 100% open pocket hardware computer. And then,
if we are a lot of people trying to have that cool next pocket toy
then someday we can find some way* to have those software
and hardware ideas/designs/codes into a real new device.

How can we start without to do questions all the time to sharism for
the next product?. Maybe it is not Ya nanonote (the next product
we want). And if qi is not the best place to put ideas about a 
new pocket open hardware computer then we should find that place.

Somebody knows other communities trying to have/make a nice
tiny open hardware computer?

*) way= money, factory, hardware people

PS1. It is not 100% imposible without sharim like mostly people think.
Werner and tuxbrain did the atben atusb a product you can buy. Yes again, 
you do not find tuxbrains and werners all the time doing cool stuff
But they did it. Why no a new pocket 100% open hardware computer 
could be possible?. Colombia university (ex qi members), if 
you remember, also do great 100% open hardware stuff. Without to ask 
sharism about the next thing. 
PS2. I wrote PS1 because sharism is 100% busy with Milkymist one
if I read correctly these days. And people like me who would like 
to buy/have another new tiny computer like the "next" nanonote/HP Jornada
wait sharism to announce the Ya product :) And we should look other places
as well.

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