Some thoughts questions about my Nanonote and Ya Nanonote

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Mon Apr 9 18:28:15 EDT 2012

>>>>> "Wolfgang" == Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> writes:

>> I think this device has an real opportunity to hit the roof of the
>> fames, as the Ya Nanonote will appear sometime. According to the Ya
>> nanonote links [1], I hope that it's not the end of the development,
>> and it's just temporarily has been halted. Btw. no recent news about
>> it, and would like to know the current status. What's next? Why is
>> aborted?  Lack of money?

> We learnt and continue to learn so much, it's scary. The Ya NanoNote
> will most likely be Milkymist SoC based. I will not work on another
> Ingenic-based device, I don't believe in any magic between free
> software culture and Ingenic anymore than I believe in that magic
> between free software culture and Samsung. 

I'm very happy to see that the direction we're headed is becoming more
clear.  A little radical, but then what else would set us apart from the
people who happily bite the NDA bullet and produce yet another Raspberry
Pi, Efika MX or OpenMoko phone.

Performance-wise the NanoNote doesn't compare to latest android and
apple hardware anyways, so sacrificing a few more CPU MHz doesn't
sacrific too much IMO.  Most of the time I'm not using 10% of the
NanoNote's CPU power anyways.

The only time I really use the CPU is when watching movies; but I guess
we'll have hw-accelerated theora playback ready once the Ya Nanonote


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