Some thoughts questions about my Nanonote and Ya Nanonote

Rafael Ignacio Zurita rafaelignacio.zurita at
Tue Apr 10 23:30:00 EDT 2012

Hi Wolfgang,

On Mon, Apr 09, 2012 at 04:30:26PM +0200, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> We learnt and continue to learn so much, it's scary. The Ya NanoNote
> will most likely be Milkymist SoC based. I will not work on another
> Ingenic-based device, I don't believe in any magic between free software
> culture and Ingenic anymore than I believe in that magic between free
> software culture and Samsung.

Why?. Is there some problem between Ingenic and free software?

> The mechanical needs to be done entirely differently, that is still
> an area where we learn intensively. It's almost a sidenote now that
> the electrical design will be - of course - entirely in a free tool,
> leaving legacy behind as Werner would say :-)

Which tool for the electrical design? Sorry for the questions if
answers are obvious. I do not know.

> a) continue to polish and refine the OpenWrt-based Ben NanoNote images
> which will be our basis for lots of exciting hardware to come.

About this: Why every few months you want to build openwrt for nanonote
many packages are broken and do not build or fail?. Maybe I am wrong
(I do not know anything about openwrt), but I read every few months
a lot of things do not work and kyak and fantastic few contributions more
need to fix a lot of things. Is this because openwrt people do not take
care of those packages/recipes?. Or is this because many things are not
in upstream?. It looks for me like a lot of work is made again and again
all the time. Sounds like if you port every time a lot of things you did
a time ago. Dont get me wrong. I just would like to understand why things
break almost every few days or months.

Thanks a lot for this community of free hardware and software.

(one guy more who is a nanonote owner )

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