Some thoughts questions about my Nanonote and Ya Nanonote

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Apr 11 01:57:40 EDT 2012

> Why?. Is there some problem between Ingenic and free software?

no problem, but we are looking for reciprocality and that's unlikely
to happen there, largely due to lack of understanding. I will continue
to keep the relationship of course, and try to improve, but I simply
feel better with Milkymist SoC now :-)

> Which tool for the electrical design? Sorry for the questions if
> answers are obvious. I do not know.

To my current knowledge there are 2 good tools for board design,
called '2nd level packaging' by IC guys :-) That's KiCad and geda.
We did a lot with KiCad for now, and it's going well. But nothing
wrong with geda either I guess. The key is the process, sharing of
knowledge, ease of reuse, etc.

> About this: Why every few months you want to build openwrt for nanonote
> many packages are broken and do not build or fail?.

Interesting that that seems to be the impression looking from the
distance - not good.
I think openwrt works beautifully, excellent really. The kernel is
in great shape (which is not directly related to openwrt, but to the
continued maintainership of lars and mth), and openwrt is a very
effective build system. Upstreaming all over is smooth.
The one thing we need to improve as always is a better test plan.
And a better test plan will bring out more issues, meaning that things
may *appear* worse but actually they are just more truthful now.
We will definitely continue to put more emphasis on testing, and
continue to upstream whereever possible, which is all smooth afaik.

(oh, and the old images and package repos of course stay around, so if
a new one is really worse than an older one, you can simply use the
older one. But in a perfect world with great regression testing,
regressions should be impossible... :-))

Thanks for caring, Cheers,

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