New OpenWrt Release: stable 2012-04-09

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Apr 13 11:55:48 EDT 2012

>  * liballegro does have a menu system.  Using it, 'almenu' would be
>  pretty easy to do, though maybe pretty ugly and not very modern GUI
>  (same look as 'alfilesel').

I can just encourage you to challenge any definition of 'modern'.
With 'modern' you mean Apple? Everybody else is copying *GOOD DESIGN*
anyway. Good design is what *WE* understand easily and like. Don't
underestimate the often cited "regular people" in their appreciation
for good design, really good design.

So: Let's just do something that works well for us, then we go
from there. Others will appreciate our honesty, I'm sure.


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