[KiCad M1R4] First KiCad version for Milkymist One Schematics.

Adam Wang adam at sharism.cc
Tue Apr 24 09:29:38 EDT 2012


We just generated first KiCad Milkymist One whole schematics for R4 version:

An own library of KiCad components also be needed:

It's supposedly and equally designed/copied as to the one from latest
Altium Designer version:

Currently KiCad tool and patches we used came from:
To install patches, please follow README for help.

here's great pdf generated from Werner, he may introduce more idea of
categories of components structure in another thread. :-)

about this KiCad M1r4, things to be reviewed/suggested:
1. directions of global labels
2. stupid wrong text, etc.
3. better look; like part's value and reference orientation, etc.
4. better work flow, else.

next step:
to create modules(footprints)

looking forward to hearing feedback from this and more people can join and
contribute. :)

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