My nanonote is dead :(

lee jones slothpuck at
Wed Apr 25 16:35:39 EDT 2012

Hello all....

I've just been trying to use my nanonote this evening and noticed that it
would not power on at all. Thinking that it might be a flat battery I left
the nanonote on plugged into a USB port for a couple of hours to charge the
battery. Unfortunatly the nanonote still did not power on.

After this I tried holding down the power button and U to try to boot to
USB mode after that failed tried shorting the usb boot pins under the
battery together and hold down the power button, no life however.

Unfortunatly my nanonote will not power on and can't be detected by my PC
even to try to reflash it. It appears to have suffered from some sort of
"instant death".

Anyone else had this problem before?

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