My nanonote is dead :(

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Thu Apr 26 04:17:07 EDT 2012

>>>>> "lee" == lee jones <slothpuck at> writes:

> I tried holding down the power switch but no joy at all, totally
> dead. Won't charge even now with the battery back in, plugging in USB
> the red light just flicks on and straight off again. Nothing in lsusb.

Of course it won't charge, if the battery is already full...

> Found this too -- :( but it did
> not help at all.

> Oh well, looks like yet another device for the bin. Looks like it is
> well and truly dead and bricked.

Don't give up so early.  Even if it were bricked it's not for the bin,
some of the hw devs here may want to get their hands on it for
post-mortem analysis (sending a NN around the world in an envelope
shouldn't cost more than a few $).

You really should talk to the hardware experts on IRC (i'm /not/).


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