My nanonote is dead :(

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Apr 26 14:31:31 EDT 2012

lee jones wrote:
> I could get onto the  #qi-hardware channelI just don't know when anyone
> else will be on there. I'm in the UK and I'm not usually about in the
> daytime (at work) mainly during evenings.

You'll find people there pretty much 24/7 :-)

> Fortunatly
> this time my PC found the nanonote and flashed it.

So it has returned from the dead ? Congratulations !

> I wonder if whatever the nanonote is using for hardware can get into -
> even if left unpowered - such a tangled mess that it won't do anything
> nor power up unless not left for a few minuites but maybe several
> hours.

I once did a few experiments with a number of Bens and found that
removing _all_ power for about 12 seconds reliably reset them:

The 30 seconds suggestion adds a bit of tolerance for process or
component variations. (In fact, I would have said 20 seconds but
I couldn't find that posting before :)

I don't use the battery much but I wouldn't be surprised if a
weak/failing battery could keep the Ben in the zombie state for
a very long time.

- Werner

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