Statistics: July 2012

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Aug 1 20:14:11 EDT 2012

As promised, the wait for this month's edition is short. There's

IRC traffic on #qi-hardware and #milkymist:

The mailing lists:

Despide tricky footprint issues to discuss, the qi-hardware
list had another dull month, only slightly more exciting than
its all-time low in May. Meanwhile, the milkymist list was
buzzing with MMU and Migen discussions, and ended up just as
busy as exactly one year ago.

On IRC, things didn't look so good. While #milkymist dropped
only a little, #qi-hardware almost halved its monthly traffic.
This suggests that the global economical crisis hasn't reached
the Qi-Hardware community yet, for people can still afford to
go on vacation :)

- Werner

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