Nanonote like clamshell based on AM335x processor

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Fri Aug 3 06:54:06 EDT 2012

I am writing this mail because Texas Instrument's India office has
contacted me (informally) as they would like me to contact Qi-Hardware
about building a small clamshell similar to Nanonote in size and feature
(keyboard+ screen+sd card) based on the beaglebone (
platform or the AM335x processor. The backstory is that they had purchased
2 Nanonotes from us about 1.5 years ago and really like them. They are not
looking at doing large batches (most probably baches of 1000 at a time
initially) and would market them similar to how they market the beagleboard
and beaglebone; as in not TI branded low cost product aimed at developers
with some amount openness in terms of schematics, bom and drivers.

>From the little feedback I have received about the Nanonote, they really
like the production quality of the product and are quite amazed how you got
the cost as low as 99 usd and got such a good open product out for such a
small run. So everyone here needs to be congratulated again as no matter
waht the sales are, people who know the industry think it is a great

I did tell them that QI would most probably only focus on developing
products whose production plan is fully sharable and hardware documentation
is publicly availableI.

My question to the list is how and if can we take this forward?

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