Nanonote like clamshell based on AM335x processor

Joachim Steiger roh at
Sat Aug 4 09:53:53 EDT 2012

rakshat hooja wrote:
> I did tell them that QI would most probably only focus on developing
> products whose production plan is fully sharable and hardware documentation
> is publicly availableI.
> My question to the list is how and if can we take this forward?

sorry, but i can't see this happening as long as ti uses a proprietary
gpu core (SGX) licensed from Imagination Technologies.
these are known only to work with binary drivers which (not only from my
pov) are a reason to completely exclude this cpu from the selection
process for a free hardware design.

yes there is a initial reverse-engineering project underway. no this
does not make this or other cpu including such a gpu interesting.

binary drivers and or no free documentation are a no-go area.

sorry to kill the fun there.




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