Ben NanoNote Plans and a Question on U-Boot Ext 3 & 4 Support

Peter Zotov whitequark at
Sat Aug 11 08:21:51 EDT 2012

Bas Wijnen писал 11.08.2012 14:15:
> Hi,
>> Maybe I'm wrong about this and there is a way to
>> open a recovery console, even without GRUB, on Debian.
> Not sure what you call a "console" here. A grub commandline is very
> limited, and can't run fsck. If you want a real shell, you first need 
> to
> boot a real system. Debian's recovery console is started from an
> initramfs. If you get that to boot, your kernel and initramfs are
> working. If those are broken, you need more drastic recovery. Getting
> initramfs on ben should in principle be possible, but I don't think
> uboot supports it.

With any recent kernel, it's perfectly possible to embed initrd into
the kernel (as opposed to providing a separate initrd image at the
boot time). The bootloader then only sees one uImage or vmlinuz or
whatever the target is.

   WBR, Peter Zotov.

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