Ben NanoNote and pygame

Paul Boddie paul at
Thu Aug 16 06:22:11 EDT 2012


First of all, I'd like to thank the Qi Hardware developers and community for 
producing a remarkable device. I have been following this project at a 
considerable distance for some time, but recently decided that I should get 
more involved with open hardware and try and contribute some time and energy 
to help this project.

I think that I may be able to combine some of my own knowledge around some of 
the software available for the NanoNote with more specific knowledge about 
the device, much of which I probably have to learn, in order to make it even 
more interesting for people who recognise the benefits of open hardware. Of 
course, my motivations are slightly selfish: learning new things and getting 
more out of the NanoNote myself are rewards in their own right. :-)

On more concrete matters, I'd like to thank Xiangfu for committing my pygame 
changes recently:

As I mentioned, there are also changes to libsdl_mixer that enable Vorbis 
support, although I imagine that these need to go upstream to OpenWrt. I also 
mentioned that the play command doesn't seem to work as well with Vorbis as 
SDL with Vorbis enabled, perhaps indicating that the linkage of that command 
needs investigating:

I've also been trying to investigate floating point support in an attempt to 
get numpy to build. I'm starting to form the opinion that the toolchain needs 
to persuade something to make the fenv.h header file available, but this in 
turn may require an actual implementation of the associated functionality to 
be written. I aim to try various things out in this regard, and here are two 
references that may or may not be instructive: (see step 7b)

Thank you once again for producing a wonderful little device, everyone! I look 
forward to developing for it and seeing where the course of open hardware 
takes me.


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