Nanonote on 2012 Linux Journal Reader's Choice List: Best Other Linux-Based Gadget

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Thu Dec 6 12:08:29 EST 2012


Leverage the positive PR.

Consider running a "holiday special" for Nanonote time limited to end of
January 2012.
I assume sales have faded to near zero, and while you need some number in
as replacements etc. for ongoing support, that leaves a pile of what is now
"dead" inventory,
and thus dead money.

Blow the Ben NN's out the door in an Xmas sale, say $85 plus shipping.

Be well,

ron k jeffries

Ron K. Jeffries

On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 8:54 AM, Delbert Franz <ddf at> wrote:

> Not sure anyone else noticed but the Nanonote made it onto the Readers
> Choice Awards 2012 for the Linux Journal under the category: Best
> Other Linux-Based Gadget.  Given that there can only be about 1500
> Nanonotes in the "wild", a 0.3 per cent showing on that list is
> notable.
> The top of the list was the Raspberry Pi, not too surprising:)  I
> finally got word from Allied Electronics that they got a shipment of
> RPi's in and hope to ship out their backlog, probably in the
> thousands, by 21 December.  That would be a nice Christmas gift.  I
> have plans to link it to the Nanonote--only time will tell how that
> goes.  At least they have a version of Debian on the RPi, so that
> should make it easier for me.  I use Debian on every machine except my
> two Nanonotes:)
>    Delbert
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