Nanonote on 2012 Linux Journal Reader's Choice List: Best Other Linux-Based Gadget

Paul Boddie paul at
Thu Dec 6 17:07:08 EST 2012

On Thursday 06 December 2012 17:54:01 Delbert Franz wrote:
> Not sure anyone else noticed but the Nanonote made it onto the Readers
> Choice Awards 2012 for the Linux Journal under the category: Best
> Other Linux-Based Gadget.  Given that there can only be about 1500
> Nanonotes in the "wild", a 0.3 per cent showing on that list is
> notable.
> The top of the list was the Raspberry Pi, not too surprising:)  I
> finally got word from Allied Electronics that they got a shipment of
> RPi's in and hope to ship out their backlog, probably in the
> thousands, by 21 December.  That would be a nice Christmas gift.

I hope you don't have to return it because it is faulty. I know someone who 
waited ages and then had to send it back, and it wasn't even an early 
revision that one might have expected to have had issues. I think the 
Raspberry Pi initiative is a worthy one, at least regarding its educational 
goals, if a little misguided, as whitequark's blog pointed out a while 

...but the fulfillment of orders and the distribution arrangements have been 
abysmally poor.

> I have plans to link it to the Nanonote--only time will tell how that
> goes.  At least they have a version of Debian on the RPi, so that
> should make it easier for me.  I use Debian on every machine except my
> two Nanonotes:)

You can run Debian on the NanoNote, of course, and I even wrote up how to get 
Emdebian (Embedded Debian) onto it, albeit not with an official Debian 


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