Nanonote on 2012 Linux Journal Reader's Choice List: Best Other Linux-Based Gadget

Paul Boddie paul at
Thu Dec 6 17:10:51 EST 2012

On Thursday 06 December 2012 18:08:29 Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> Wolfgang,
> Leverage the positive PR.
> Consider running a "holiday special" for Nanonote time limited to end of
> January 2012.

Backdated to the start of this year? ;-)

> I assume sales have faded to near zero, and while you need some number in
> stock as replacements etc. for ongoing support, that leaves a pile of what
> is now "dead" inventory, and thus dead money.
> Blow the Ben NN's out the door in an Xmas sale, say $85 plus shipping.

But won't this leave us wondering what we can buy next? :-)

Actually, what do you think of Werner's subscription model idea?


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