Jog Weal?

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Fri Dec 7 03:42:37 EST 2012

On 07-12-12 02:59, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross wrote:
> One my to-do list is to reconfigure the arrow keys so they can be used
> with a jog weal motion. This would be done by remapping up as right and
> down as left or left as up, right as down.
> The snag is, how to have this jog weal mode only when you want it like
> on lists? Do you set the Qi-Hardware key (Is it called that?) as a
> modifier and that when pressed it modifies what the arrow keys do into a
> jog weal? In which case I need to find out how to do that, Any key
> search words or links would be appreciated. Or in the configuration
> files of apps like music players? :/

The key mappings (like number key combinations) of the Ben are in the
kernel. It isn't a very good place for them, but they are there anyway,
so you may as well add these to it as well.


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