Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross maillist_qi-hardware at
Fri Dec 7 18:52:52 EST 2012

On 07/12/12 22:40, Paul Boddie wrote:
> P.S. The "cartridge" idea is an interesting one. Of course, the software would
> be Free Software and people could easily enough clone or copy the cards, but
> the purchase price would of course be covering things like convenience,
> trust, support and authenticity rather than a "per-kilogram price" on the
> code.

Hmm... well how popular have freedom limited,low spec rasbpi's been?...
Perhaps there is hope. If the price was right down to say £30 at least 
better chance at £15-20 then 12-3 year olds and games could work? Help 
get kids into programming. Then magically be able to do NN#2 with usb 
host, 2 miro sd card slots and networking (wifi and/or bluetooth) :). 
now I'm dreaming...

...but then there are dumpphones, which... are no good for leaning on 
due to one not owning them, No root rights. though there is openphoenux 
pocket computer phone @ 500$ or was it Euro? Get the interest up and 
price down and well what does that mean for a NN "cartridges"?... I 
guess the market would be those that can't afford £100 pocket computer 

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