Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Dec 20 17:59:19 EST 2012

Paul Boddie wrote:
> Particularly the reasoning that sounds like "I can't justify getting one as 
> well as a smartphone" is worth exploring.

There may be a lot more untapped customer potential in the group that
can afford it, does not need to ask for permission / knows how to
bribe/seduce to get permission, and would at some point in time find
the "toy" interesting.

But ... they
- don't realize that this "toy" could interest them,
- haven't considered that kind of hobby yet, or
- simply haven't heard of the thing at all.

It may be easier to sway some - even if it's just a small porcentage
of this large group - than to change the minds of those (few) who
already contemplated a purchase but ended up deciding against it.

Not that we should neglect them, but for ramping up a large enough
group of subscribers/participants, they may not be the most promising
choice. Besides, when the project grows and gains visibility, that
may also affect their decisions.

Now, how to make that "first contact" happen ?

> this can attract criticism from people 
> who think all solutions should be market-oriented transactions and who equate 
> anything else with "communism",

Hah, are you saying that a political party of die-hard neocons would
sneer at campaign donations or other contributions/donations ? :-)

> Are there 10000 units in existence?

Nanonotes ? If I remember correctly, Wolfgang mentioned some months
ago that about 1300 units have been sold. I think 2000 were produced
in total. Not sure if more could still be made if there was sudden

> Even a small number of such people being able 
> to commit to open hardware work would make a huge difference, I think.

Yes, there are several tasks and roles that benefit from people
being able to make long-term commitments.

- Werner

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