URL lookup with dsv; kicad-libs catalogs now have title pages

Werner Almesberger werner at almesberger.net
Sat Dec 22 20:46:33 EST 2012

Some news from the infrastructure side:

- dsv now has an option -u that prints the URL of the data sheet

  This is useful for example when somebody else asks for a link to
  the data sheet.

  Note that the dsv databases have to be rebuilt to use this feature.
  E.g., in projects having a "make dsv" target, you'd just run this.
  The rebuild will update the local dsv-* files but doesn't need
  network access (unless URLs have been added/changed to/in the
  bookshelf file(s) after the last update).

  If "dsv -u" is run on an old database, it will simply detect the
  problem and complain. All other uses of dsv don't care whether the
  database is old or new.

- the component/symbol and module/footprint catalogs now have title
  pages with useful information like when the catalog was generated
  and where to find the files for KiCad or fped.

  Here are the catalogs:

- items in our libraries:
  223 components/symbols from 82 .lib files
  331 modules/footprints from 57 .fpd files

- Werner

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