ANN: 4tH version 3.62.0 has just been released!

Hans Bezemer thebeez at
Sun Dec 23 08:17:49 EST 2012

Which still includes the Ben Nanonote version, VM tested!

You can download it at

* The words 'SMOVE', 'LATEST', '*CONSTANT' and '/CONSTANT' have
  been added.
* The library files now support logfiles, automated date parsing,
  LZ77 file compression and CSV file creation.
* The latest defined word can be compiled anonymously.
* Object orientation now supports static methods.
* The library file ansblock.4th is now largely ANS-Forth
  compliant. The Sourceforge "Block reserved extension words"
  were added.
* New peephole optimizers were added to the compiler, so the
  compiler directives '[*]', '[/]', '[+]' and '[NEGATE]' are no 
  longer required.
* exec_4th() can be optimized for GCC by using the compiler
  switch -DUSEGCCGOTO.
* The word 'SMOVE' was added, making the library cellmove.4th
* Raspberry Pi port is now available.

* Comes with an extensive library, featuring hundreds
  of words covering ANS-Forth compatibility, user defined stacks,
  lists, XLS files, floating point, etc. etc.
* Almost 95% of the CORE wordset is supported.
* Comes with a nice, 540 page manual.
* Over 200 examples and 300 libraries.
* Native packages for MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Android, Coherent and Linux.

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