I'm back! (sort of)

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at gmx.com
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Hi Jane,

any chance of using a decent mail client in the future? The one you’re
currently using doesn’t seem to properly support quoting, and that fact
makes it really difficult to follow the conversation.

You're right, I need to address this and I would love if someone on the list would step up and help- I have wanted to set up a Gmail with GPG, but as they are set to become worse on Mar.1, that is not an option. What services does anyone recommend? Should I shun webmail entirely? I'm not even sure if I could... Please get back to me as I want to break free soon! I think that key-sending feature is cool also, how could I get that?

(There’s a great one called mutt you can install on your NanoNote, if
 you decide you want to configure USB Ethernet after all ;)

If mutt is just a client, what kind of account could I plug it into?

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 01:14:45PM -0500, Jane Andreas wrote:

> Speaking of configuration files, I am wondering what the best approach
> to changing my keymap to Colemak is... I want to leave everything else
> the same, like the numpad, red keys, arrow keys, enter, etc. and just
> change the letter keys. So would it be better to have a separate file
> that I load after boot, or modify my current one (wherever that is...)
> What about trying to change locales in Debian? I will wait a while on
> this to see what people think... 

The standard way you configure the keyboard layout on Debian is by
editing the /etc/default/keyboard file, and changing XKBVARIANT so that
the relevant line reads


After a reboot, your keyboard should use the awesome Colemak layout.

I changed that file to what you said, and a reboot did nothing. I also changed XKBDLAYOUT=colemak, but nothing. 

I don’t know how well this will play with the special keys such as Fn,
though, so make sure to let us know how it goes.

I was able to get the stock files from Colemak.com and I commented out 2 lines in the .kmap file which involved include qwerty and include alt-gr

after using loadkeys  colemak.kmap, most of the letters were right, but I had no Fn or red shift access. I am imagining that by editing the .kmap file, I could easily change this...

For some reason the install-keymap program is absent from my system and there is not a .deb for it directly. I updated my debconf and still nothing so I'm not sure about that.

As I use the system for csound programming which is mainly number entering, I will see If I can change the .kmap to get me at least that working...

but this is not critical as qwerty works fine for the numpad and I am not changing to Colemak for a speed increase (at least not on the Nanonote) 

Thanks and sorry about my horrible mail (I use GMX webmail)

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