I'm back! (sort of)

EdorFaus edorfaus at xepher.net
Thu Feb 9 20:31:08 EST 2012


On 02/03/2012 07:43 AM, Jane Andreas wrote:
> I noticed that your PCM mixer only works with aplay, not bplay, so
> my guess is that it affects only ALSA related sound and not OSS. Is
> there a way it could affect both?

That's odd, I had thought that the two blocks at the bottom of the file 
should make it work when using the OSS emulation as well. I never 
actually tested that though, as I don't really use OSS programs myself 
(the blocks were basically copied from whatever info I was looking at).

Even though it apparently doesn't work with the current settings, I do 
believe it should be possible to make it work for OSS programs too.

I don't really know what to change, and don't really have the time to 
try to figure it out right now, but if you take a look at the ALSA 
documentation and experiment a bit with the various settings, you might 
be able to get it to work yourself.

> If not, I guess I'll just install mplayer, which I think is ALSA by
> default.(?) Either way, it is useful within ALSA, which helps a lot
> when using earbuds, so thanks!

Well, even if it doesn't have a built-in default of ALSA (which I think 
it does), it can certainly use ALSA, and can be configured to default to 
it if it doesn't on its own. I rather like mplayer myself, and tend to 
default to it when I want to play some random media file - though I 
suppose that might just be at least partially due to old habit...


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