New Crocheted Case Ideas

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Could you perhaps just... *not include the text of the message
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close to impossible to read these responses where you copy
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I know that you've actually written replies in there somewhere...,
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This should be really easy, even if you don't want to switch
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> On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 01:48:30PM -0500, Jane Andreas wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> > 
> > I was commissioned to make my Mom a phone case and thought I would post the source code and images of the case to see if anyone was interested in a Nanonote adaptation. I apologize for the huge images on the page, I am not sure how to scale them maybe someone could do that...
> > 
> > Jon, I had you in mind when designing this so let me know what you think! 
> > 
> > For the NN I do not think we need a belt loop, but this case could easily be translated for the Ben. 
> I have arranged the pictures in a gallery for easier browsing; feel free
> to take a look at the relevant MediaWiki documentation[1], it will make
> your life easier next time you want to add pictures to a wiki page.
> The case looks really nice: I’d make myself one, but I’m more of a
> software guy and this is definitely hardware ;)
> [1]
> Thanks for the help, the gallery syntax is super simple, should've thought of it myself. As for the cases, the plan is for me to make small batches and make them available in the Sharism shop for a reasonable price (about $7 USD). I even have a request for a Milkymist case, so I may make a batch of those too. Not only that, but I plan to make a knit version which may suit the aesthetic palate of other customers. All the information to recreate the "device" is provided under a Free licence, so I think it is at least in the spirit of Qi-hardware. Of course it is not critical or soldered on PCB, but having a nice case can be important. Thanks again for hacking the images to a much more viewable arrangement. 
> Oh yeah and sorry about my crap mail client, I will look into Mutt or something else soon...
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