Nanonote Chinese variant ?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Jan 2 11:00:02 EST 2012

> we have DONE a LOT of software works on Ben Nanonote.

We did a lot of work on the hardware as well, too many to
list here now. I don't think Chris meant 'just' in a condescending
way, he just didn't know the history of the project yet.
Yes of course we work with suppliers in the whole world, China,
Taiwan, Japan, mechanical here there. It's a lot of work.

I am very proud of the Ben NanoNote and it's the #1 most interesting
pocket computer in the world right now. I am sure the software we
have running on it, and keep improving, will continue to be the basis
for truly innovative hardware in the future. Just stay tuned :-)
(and the fact that the Ben has 'bad' specs will help with that


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