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>>>>> "Andrea" == Andrea Bolognani <eof at> writes:

> On Sun, Jan 01, 2012 at 02:56:18PM +0100, Garret Raziel wrote:

>> Hi, is there any good soul who will build gst (gnu
>> smalltalk<>) for NN? Smalltalk is great
>> language and gst is completely in console.  Although it requires
>> TCL/TK and GTK+, it is possible to build it without it (as you don't
>> need them, it is only for GUI packages). I have tried it, but I
>> cannot build event simple program for NN.

> I did a gst build for the NanoNote a while ago.

> I remember having to fiddle around with the system headers because of
> some typedef, and obtaining a MIPS binary after three or four partial
> compilation steps. It seemed difficult to fix or automate, and I am
> not an OpenWrt packaging expert, so I never bothered creating a proper
> package for it.

I have some experience with "pathologic" cross-compile resistant
packages.  Both Gforth and Emacs need the target system for
bootstrapping the final executable (well in case of Gforth it only
bootstraps an "image file" but that's used like an executable).

In the Gforth case, the final compilation step is defered via a shell
script to take place on the nanonote, when Gforth is started for the
first time (takes a few extra secs).  In the Emacs case, the qemu *user
space* emulator is used to run the final compilation step (this takes a
lot of time and memory, so we can't even perform it on the nanonote).

Here are the openwrt recipies:


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