I'm back! (sort of)

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at gmx.com
Fri Jan 20 15:26:55 EST 2012

Hello all you fabulous hackers! This is the once-controversial Jane who brought you the Nanonote cases that had mixed reception. My friend Cenobyte's email has bit the dust (dragoncrypt.com) so she will be using my email and wiki login just for laziness's sake. I of course may chime in if something is important to me...

So I'm writing now because I finally have a working Csound system on my Nano! I was not sure it could be done, but now I know it can! 

For about a month I tried on and off to get Debian on my Nano, but the files would just not work, the first time it would complain about no fpu-emulation (which I have now). Just about 2 days ago I tried again making sure to hand-pick good files and got further than ever with the Pyneo files...BUT the boot would freeze at some "algorithmics fpu-emul 1.5" or something like that. That was Lenny. When I tried Sid from mister-muffin (hilarious name), it did not freeze at the algorithmics screen (but it did show it), instead it proceeded to a full login! 

Since I have always had trouble with the USB-ethernet thing and do not care much for connectivity on the Ben, I began doing what I did for my recently acquired Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (a great little unit if you ask me)- loading .debs by hand, and downloading all dependencies when necessary. I have squeeze on my N800, and Sid required a lot more for csound, but I got it done and compiled some source on the Ben and it did make a .wav. It took about 1 min 42 secs to do what my N800 did in 20 secs, but it is profoundly better than nothing and it is the smallest sound compiler I have ever heard of and (barring the uncomely zipit's) the cheapest. 

Ironically, sound playback is not yet configured on my sid system and I got errors when trying to copy and load those modules on the Debian page of our wiki. When I set that up, it will be even better! If this is possible, I am even tempted to hack povray onto this thing and only render at 120x160 to 320x240. Perhaps the Ben really can be the studio I want...

So let me know where I went wrong on the sound thing...In the meantime I will be trying to get alsa and all the other sound packages downloaded and installed by hand- I have found I really like reading the dependency lists- am I hardcore, or just a noob? 

Ah yes, and I did try to make swap work on the NAND, but it would not, I think it is impossible. Can I set up swap some other way? (I have installed to NAND)

Other than that I am thrilled with my successful use of csound (however fast) on the Ben, it really is a dream come true (although with a lot of human effort). 

I will be trying to take HD video and otherwise making our community better. I have no hard feelings towards qi-openwrt necesarrily, though in my opinion things may be a little bloated/messy, but right now Debian Sid is the ONLY thing that has worked for me so I will stick with it for at least months. Maybe we can make csound faster somewhere else, but I don't care about faster right now. The beauty of Qi-Hardware is they encourage Freedom of all kinds, so thanks for that! I have had my Ben for over a year, maybe I will finally get USB-ethernet to work one day...or USB-wifi, if that even works yet.

Look to see some demo sound files that I render exclusively with the BEN!!

-hack well,


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