I'm back! (sort of)

Bas Wijnen wijnen at debian.org
Sat Jan 21 04:14:41 EST 2012

Welcome back, Jane! I very much liked your artistic-centered (but 
nonetheless often technical) contributions, so it's really good to see 
you coming back. :-)

In case the qi kernel doesn't work, here's an answer to your questions.

On 21-01-12 02:06, Jane Andreas wrote:
> Ok, so I cannot get sound to work and it is driving me quite crazy.
> I successfully got the modules from the qi-rootfs and copied them
> to /lib/modules/ on my Ben using the uSD.

They're normally in subdirectories under there, but I'm not sure if 
that's required. The kernel/ directory is for modules built from the 
kernel source; misc/ for others. That also means the packaging system 
(if you'll ever use it) will not touch misc/, so that's a relatively 
safe place to put "custom" modules. This one, I'd install in 

> then I did depmod -a and vi /etc/modules and added the snd_whatever
> one to the empty list.

That should work on Debian. Then it should try to load it on the next 
boot. Perhaps that fails. You can see if you load it manually.

> After multiple reboots, no sound. I undertook to install alsa-base,
> alsa-utils, and all the dependencies by hand. The sound device is
> just not set up right.

Those are useful for dealing with the device, but don't help for finding it.

> I do not know how to load modules by hand, but if I did,
> I would load the snd_qi-lb60 one.

Some commands that my help you:
- lsmod: show loaded modules.
- insmod: insert module file by hand. Takes a path to a file and module
   arguments. Can be useful sometimes, but normally modprobe is better.
- modprobe: insert module. Takes a module name (not a filename!), which
   must be installed in /lib/modules/... Arguments are taken from
   /etc/modprobe.d/*, not
   from the command line.

> 'lsmod' always shows nothing so I know I am missing some step.

Try modprobe and see what error message it gives you. If the module is 
there, but you still have problems, check /dev/sndstat for what the 
kernel has available.

> Please help if you can, I hope to make a live video of the Ben
> rendering and then playing some synthesized sound.

Cool. :-D


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