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David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
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>>>>> "Jane" == Jane Andreas <JaneAndreas at gmx.com> writes:

> Since I have always had trouble with the USB-ethernet thing and do not
> care much for connectivity on the Ben, I began doing what I did for my
> recently acquired Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (a great little unit if
> you ask me)- loading .debs by hand, and downloading all dependencies
> when necessary. I have squeeze on my N800, and Sid required a lot more
> for csound, but I got it done and compiled some source on the Ben and
> it did make a .wav. It took about 1 min 42 secs to do what my N800 did
> in 20 secs, but it is profoundly better than nothing and it is the
> smallest sound compiler I have ever heard of and (barring the uncomely
> zipit's) the cheapest.

Instead of resolving .deb package dependencies by hand, you could just
put a debian repository on a micro-SD card, then list that repository
with a file:// URI in your /etc/apt/sources.list

One way to get a debian repository is to use download and unzip a debian
CD-image resp. DVD-image.  Unfortunately they only have images up to
'testing', not 'sid', but 'testing' might (?) work as well:


For 'sid' you'd have to build your own repository copy, you can try
'debmirror', however you'll need a *huge* micro-SD card to hold a full
mirror created that way.


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